緊急告知 BRASILIANA 2013 現代郵趣部門の追加募集!

本年(2013年)11月、ブラジル・リオデジャネイロにおいて世界切手展<BRASILIANA 2013>(以下、リオ展)が開催されます。同展の日本コミッショナーは内藤陽介さんが担当されておりますが、5月16日付で新たに“現代郵趣部門”の作品を募集することがFIPより発表されましたので、その要点をご案内いたします。なお、今回のご案内は現時点での情報を速報として掲載しておりますので、今後、若干の変更が生じる可能性もありますことを、予めご了承ください。ブラジル展の公式サイトにも英文にて本件に関する内容を伝えておりますので、併せて、原文も掲載をして案内をすることに致します。


― Class 13 (21世紀の)現代郵趣



 出品の可否は、各国コミッショナー(日本では内藤陽介さんです)の推薦を受けて、リオ展の組織委員会が決定することになっていますが、他の出品部門のように、国内展で金銀賞以上を受賞することという条件は付けられておりません。また、出品の申し込みは5月31日までに組織委員会宛に行うことになっておりますので、出品をお考えの方は、まず、コミッショナーの内藤さんまでご連絡ください。Email address: y-naito★xk9.so-net.ne.jp (スパム対策のため、@を★にして掲載しています)


Class 13: Modern Philately (of the 21th century)

Dear Friends
We are pleased to inform that we have included Class 13 Modern Philately (of the 21th century) as one of four Competitive Classes:

Class 13; Modern Philately (of the 21st Century)
The objectives are to encourage collectors of Modern Philatelic materials to exhibit at the highest level and to demonstrate to Postal Administrations that are extensive bodies of philatelists who collect and study materials issued by them in the 21st century (2001-today).
The organizing committee is making this class available for exhibits complying with the special regulations for (A) Traditional, (B) Postal History and (C) Postal Stationery.
Qualifying exhibits for this promotional class must contain philatelic material issued by Postal authorities in the 21st century. Stamp series of philatelic topics chosen for this class which were substantially issued on/after 2001 are qualified as topics for the promotional class.
Promotional class exhibits will be judged according to the respective SREVs currently in force for the above mentioned classes.
The distribution of points available recognize that Modern Philatelic material is worthy of study and in many instances is difficult to acquire, treat and present while the short passage of time since their issue has not provide an accurate indication of importance or rarity.
FIP medals will be awarded to the appropriate exhibit and they will be recorded in the FIP Awards records. Certificate of Participation will be given to exhibits attaining less than 60 points.
Acceptance of entry into promotional class for BRASILIANA 2013 will be based on the recommendation of national commissioners and at the discretion of the BRASILIANA 2013 Organizing Committee. Exhibitors are entitled to apply for 3 or 5 frames per exhibit. Acceptance of any entries in the promotional class will not preclude acceptances of entries in any other class. All other requirements of the IREX will apply.
Frame fee: US$ 50 per frame.
The BRASILIANA’s committee is extending the submission deadline for the application forms, only for Modern Philately, to May 31.
Any contact concerning the applications must be done with our General Commissioner, Mr. Rubem Porto Junior: rubempjr@gmail.com
The Secretary General of Brasiliana 2013 takes this opportunity to inform you that there are only 30 frames available.


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