2016年5月28日から6月4日まで、米国・ニューヨークで開催される世界切手展・World stamp show New York 2016


Class 1
1. L.V. Beethoven-his life in a historical context and his legacy. Yukio Onuma, 8 frames
2. Japanese Post and Foreign Postal Activities in Korea 1876-1909. Kazuyuki Inoue, 8 frames

Class 2A
3. The Flat Plat Printings of the Fourth Bureau Issue 1922-38. Kunihiko Tamura, 5 frames

Class 2C
4.Classic Germany. Takashi Yoshida, 8 frames
5. Austria & Lombardy-Venetia the 1850 Issues. Tamaki Saito, 8 frames

Class 2D
6. Japan 1871-1876 Hand Engraved Issues. Yuji Yamada, 5 frames
7. Australia – Kangaroo and Map design postage stamps. Hironobu Nagashima, 8 frames
8. Private Printing Period in Victoria. Masayasu Nagai, 8 frames
9. Japan Earthquake Emergency Issue 1923-1924. Tatsutoshi Kamakura, 8 frames
10.Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1942-1945. Akira Kaburaki, 5 frames
11.RYUKYUS 1945-52. Tsukasa Ishizawa, 8 frames

Class 3A
12.Post Office Forms, Including Envelopes created for Conducting the Registered Mail Process 1842-1929.
Fumiaki Wada, 8 frames
13.U.S. Army Mail and G.H.Q. Postal censorship in Japan. Gensei Ando, 5 frames

Class 3D
14.The Japan Couriers 1601-1873. Yoshiyuki Yamazaki, 8 frames
15.Prompt Delivery in Japan from Pre-adhesive Period to 1937. Kenzaburo Ikeda, 8 frames

Class 4
16.U.P.U. Post Card of Japan 1877-1940. Masaki Sugihara, 8 frames

Class 7B
17.The History of Cartography-Mapping the World and Regions-. Takao Nishiumi, 8 frames
18.A History of Hong Kong. Yosuke Naito, 8 frames
19.The History of Artist’s Portraits – The Transition of Western Art over 600 years-. Kiyoshi Emura, 8 frames

Class 7C
20.A History of the Telephone-Telegraph to Digitalization-. Akinori Katsui, 8 frames

Class 9
21.The Hand Etched Documentary Revenue Stamps of Japan, 1873-1874. (Stephen) Jun Hasegawa, 8 frames

Class 11A
22.120th Anniversary of Japanese Commemorative Stamps. Japan Philatelic Society Foundation, Author
23.International Exhibition History 1865-2004. Yukihiro Shoda, Author
24.General Collection of Japanese Definitives, Bilingual, Full-Color. Stampedia, Inc, Author
25.Handbook of the Roman Letter Machine Datestamps of Japan. Stampedia, Inc., Author
26.Postal History of the Japanese Military Mail 1894-1921. Jun-Ichi Tamaki, Author
27.Hiroyuki Kanai: “Classic Japan 1871-1876”. The Philatelic Culture Museum, Author

Class 11B
28.Stampedia Philatelic Journal. Stampedia, Inc, Author
29.Stamp Club. Stampedia, Inc, Author

Class 11C
30.Visual Japanese Stamp Catalog Vol. 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4. Japan Philatelic Society Foundation, Author

Class 12
31.Who is Liberty? What is She?. Masaru Kawabe, 1 frame

Class 14
32.Tonga Tin Can Mail History 1882-1947. Kazuyuki Inoue, 5 frames


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